Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sleepless nights


God, I love sleepless nights, They always get me thinking, so let me pick your brain a little with some thoughts...One day you are dreaming, but in the next moment, you are living the dream and thinking to yourself, how the hell did this happen? We are so busy planning our days and chasing our dreams that we forget what happens in this crazy thing called life. 
         When I look back on the things that have happened throughout my life so far, a smile forms on my face. Harsh lessons were learned, a couple broken hearts here and there, but most important are the memories..the times spent laughing with family, the great nights with friends, those were the best of times. Now as a grown man I can actually appreciate those times. I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy those moments, of course I enjoyed them, but that was one chapter in my life and now I've turned the page to a new chapter. That what makes it special. Time makes it special.
               All those things that we didn't want to happen..they happened. Those that we wanted to happen, they happened as well.  To me it's still a big mystery how I ended up being an artist.  I never liked art in school, I was supposed to be doing something else.. but do I regret that I am what I am now? No! Do I love it? Oh yes! I didn't like anything while I was in high school. I just wanted to be one those "cool" kids and question everything. I was one of those people who Bryan Cranston would call "Sneakypetes." He mentioned this word in a speech after winning an Emmy couple weeks back. I was the kid who took shortcuts, who was lazy and was basically that typical teen boy. The positive thing is this life is that we actually can grow up. And I love what I do now.  I love to take pictures, that's what drives me and what allowed me to go from that typical teen boy to a more mature and responsible person.  
           I don't know how I got here, but here I am, and I know that I have a few people to thank for this.  And if they are reading this, they know that I'm talking to them when I say thank you. And to you all, here's a message.. Don't settle for mediocrity, find your passion, make it your dream, pursue it and reach it. Don't let your life pass you by.  I still have have long way to go but I couldn't be happier, because I know my journey is only starting.


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